Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, I’ll be busy for a while but MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!


Sonic Generations Music- Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Title Screen/You’re My Hero ‘Mission’ Remix

I absolutely love this song! This song right here makes me feel so nice and warm inside. I honestly feel like a little kid again whenever I hear this amazing melody! Check this song out!

Jingit is legit

I usually don’t do these type of things but this site is so good, I have to share it.

Jingit is a website where you watch video advertisement and make some money. You can make 5 dollar a week or 10 dollar by referring a bunch of people. 2 dollar will get deducted so that they will give you a free debit card and you will not have to pay for any more fee.

There is tons of information on the website itself. So please check it out, it’s a great website.

Devil May Cry 3 – Devils Never Cry – With Lyrics!!

Now this is one of my old classics that have given me so many memories. I used to play the Devil May Cry Collection and Devil May Cry 3 was the last game on the collection. After I had an amazing week playing these games, this played during the credit as I got to kill demons as the credit roll. THAT is how you end your games.

The song itself is quite possibly one of my most favorite soundtrack in any games. The calm and clean human voice is soothing while the demonic voice is badass. You just have to listen to this! This song is the definition of my childhood since I got this game one week before my birthday and I have no regrets.

Joined a new Site and more update

So I have also been accepted to

It is quite a much better website and it’s actually active, they’re about 12 writers and we write a review/newsletter every week. I cannot wait to work with them next week. This is a start for my dream to be a internet reviewer.

Also, I have a review ready to post up by tomorrow. 

Reviewer blocks and News

I have no idea what to review anymore. For the past week after I posted my previous reviews, I can’t seem to think of anything. If anybody have any request or have an idea, please comment! 😀


Also, interesting news. I have applied to a few sites for volunteer reviews, and I have been accepted to ENj website. It is currently very new and still in beta but I am happy that a website is interested in my reviews. So hopefully their will be light at the end of the tunnel for my reviews because this is one of my most favorite hobbies.